Who I Am?

I was born in Miami and raised in NY. After HS I spent some time in LA and now the Fam and I are thriving in the "A." I’m a theater kid and film nerd. I’m a slightly above average sports fan with a crazy addiction to podcasts and coffee. I’m a screen writer and movie reviewer. I guess that makes me a critic?

I hate reading books, but if you give me a script ill blaze right through it. I guess my mind appeals to narrative structure. I love storytelling and all its elements and finding new ways to push the medium forward.

I watch an insane number of movies in the theater and at home. I’m trying my best to watch more TV but God hasn’t answered my prayers just yet at allowing me to have limited control over time and space to grant me the additional hours needed in my life to see everything on my watchlist and queue.

Along the way I’ve made some incredible friends. They're spread out all over the country living it up on stages as comics, on screen and in studios as artists, and in production as managers and executives.

 Even better, I married the girl of my dreams Yadeliz (Yadi), and we’re pretty awesome. She supports me 1000% in everything I do and is not only the greatest wife a man could ask for but also an incredible mom to our 6yr old daughter Moriah.

I've been a lover of all things movies, TV, and entertainment since I was a kid. I hope this love I have never dies and I’m excited to let you all in to this amazing life that is proudly mine.

And remember; when they ask you where you heard it from, just tell em’ KolbyToldMe!

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