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  • Kolby Mac


This supposed “Untold True Story that changed the course of History” is more like a super bold political punch in the nuts that further propagates the absurdity of power hungry individuals and showcases to what great lengths they would go to increase it. This is the story of one of the most intriguing and ruthless leaders in Dick Cheney and the circus of circumstance that shaped him as a man, father, and political figure. However indifferent I choose to be in my stance on the politics of this film I can’t ignore how wildly entertaining “Vice” is. Adam McCay has so much fun playing with the audience infusing many styles of storytelling to push his message. From the theatrical moments like flipping a scene to Shakespearian dialogue or the jarring editing and intercutting of images like in a documentary; there’s a little bit for everyone. This movie for me succeeds in places “The Big Short” doesn’t although the interjection or celebrity cameos to help simplify the plot don’t land as well as they did a la Margot Robbie in that bathtub scene. The All start cast acts their pompous butts off and while the narration is a bit of a cinematic cheat code the direction in this movie is what ultimately seals the deal. Unfortunately there’s no room for gray here; so your either gonna love this movie or hate it. Viewership is not like the Electoral College so definitely watch for yourself and let me know what side of the coin you’re on.

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