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  • Kolby Mac

Ben is Back

Is an important movie about the opioid crisis with a lens on a family spending 24 hours with their son who is a recovering addict trying to get to his next clean day. Julia Roberts does a great job playing against type and delivering a strong and raw performance. Same can be said for Lucas Hedges whose portrayal of a neurotic and fractured young man stumbling over his past actions was pretty honest and refreshing for today’s world to see. What’s left over in this film from screenwriter/ director Peter Hedges would probably work better on stage as opposed to onscreen. While the plot is good not great, moments in this movie work more to service Roberts and Hedges with unmemorable supporting characters as opposed to an engaging and entertaining drama. However honest the themes of this movie display you grow a bit more frustrated at what happens next scene after scene that the ultimate payoff doesn’t feel as rewarding. All in all “Ben Is Back” is a movie that you should go see; when it’s available to stream or download.

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