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  • Kolby Mac


Susanne Bier’s Bird-Box is, I guess an “End Times” story revolved around a soon to be mom dealing with prepartum depression amidst a supernatural threat striking the world with in-explainable mass suicide when a person sees this “Entity.” As a topical issue provoking drama; Sandra Bullock delivers an honest and authentic performance grounded in great choices that culminates in a uniquely satisfying character arc. As a Horror movie; breaking convention is bold. Being able to do so with a great score and sound design set to incredible suspense is worthy of high marks for this film. Where Bird-Box fails to deliver is in its world building. Movie monsters done well leaving a lasting impact in cinema history but can only do so when they are rooted in goal driven mania and abide by the rules set forth by the story teller. This cliché all star cast is unable to support an opposing force defeated by its own shortcomings and leaves you imprinted with more Shyamalan’s “The Happening” and less Krasinski’s “A Quiet Place” to which it was compared.

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