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  • Kolby Mac

Holmes & Watson

I know we’re a week into the new year, but if you’re a completest like me and feel urged to go see “Holmes and Watson,” because.. ya know how bad could it be? THAT BAD. After all the chatter and poor box office I told myself I was gonna do it because... ya know, it’s Ferrell and Riley. I’m a defender of all films. I think I found a true stinker here folks. I don’t quite understand how this doesn’t work. I’m sure the elevator pitch was something like “StepBrothers” meets Sherlock. This is a flat, dim witted, uncharismatic and poorly comedic timed waste of A-List talent on screen. I have never in my life watched a comedy and not let out one singular laugh. A small chuckle. A snort. I feel robbed. Don’t be robbed like Kolby. Do better than Kolby.

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