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  • Kolby Mac

If Beale Street Could Talk

Saying that this film is a masterpiece still feels like an understatement. “Beale Street” is a powerfully moving ode to Black love in the face of societal disregard. Barry Jenkins brings NY to life in a colorfully melodic poem that exemplifies the best and sometimes worse of “us.” Newcomer KiKi Layne holds our hand on a grueling yet honest journey through loves twist and turns between childhood friends trying to do their best with what they got and always letting the other know they will never be alone even when life gets to be its toughest. You’ll be serenaded by a hypnotic sound design that speaks to your heart and story that may just rip it right out of your chest. The performances by this ensemble speak to the times and call back jive and hip in a way that respectfully pays homage and underlines black culture in the 70’s. If Beale Street Could Talk is an instant all time classic and one the most important films not just “Black” of our generation that deserves your attention.

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