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  • Kolby Mac

The Mule

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Welcome to your Sunday afternoon self-indulgent snooze-fest; brought to you by your grandma’s filthy mouthed crush from 60 years ago. Not sure what’s more offensive; the deceitful marketing of “The Mule” that sold me an edgy take on the dangerous drug trade and trafficking that’s plagued our country for years and how an elderly man gets caught up and in the cross hairs of the DEA? Or Still alive Clint Eastwood bringing back even more shit talking, being a super bad father and still racist yet less bad ass Dirty Harry? I’m gonna say both. Eastwood directs and gives thumbs up to a fluffed up magazine article turned super wordy (like this review, lol) script that deflated the performances of a stellar cast that basically sleepwalks through this movie. They string together non deserved actions followed by unmotivated behaviors for Eastwood’s sake not rooted in purpose but merely “movie trope” circumstance. This movie narratively and tonally takes the wrong turn however beautifully shot and scored it may be. But to my KTM fam y’all can miss this.

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