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  • Kolby Mac

Someone Great

Netflix films have been a matter of quantity over quality for the most part. In 2019 we’ve been blessed with new releases sometimes as frequent as a couple per week. It’s been a few months and finally we get something special in the month of April. Exploring the themes of love and Identity seem to speak to not only us as an audience, but to the storytellers producing these works.

First time writer director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson delivers a fresh script and style that accentuates where NY is now and everything that makes it unique. How the city adds flavor to its residents and is the back drop to a new kind of love story.

“Someone Great” is not necessarily an original love story, but one from a fresh perspective. A sexy, edgy, and honest 9-year relationship is now on the rocks. Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) gets a dream job offer that will ask her to leave everything she’s known behind and move to San Francisco. Nate (Lakieth Stanfield) decides against the long-distance thing and calls their relationship a quits. With her world devastated, we follow Jenny’s last night with her best friends and they’re going to send their girl out in style; living, loving, laughing and ultimately learning before they say goodbye.

Gina and Lakeith’s chemistry is out of this world. Were able to travel with Jenny through time in an artful way, in and out of their history, being able to see the highs and lows of young love; long love without the smooth polish of a Hollywood veneer is a breath of fresh NY air. Experiencing how their city and its people and its culture affects them and influences them is a ride. Jenny’s romance with music is the soundtrack to her life and all its greatest hits.

While this story is about 2 lovers dealing with a big break up, we’re introduced to 2 amazing characters willing to help Jenny take it head on. Blair (Brittany Snow) is a successful social media marketing whatever and is delightfully miserable in her own relationship only staying because it was a part of her plan. Erin (Dewanda Wise) is hysterically living life without a plan an unwilling to get one even if the perfect girlfriend becomes a casualty to it.

All these ladies are a glorious mess and we get the privilege to spend an evening in all of their splendor. The comedy in this film is biting, referential and very generational. All these characters affectations and colorful commentary on life is balanced well with the dramatic beats that allow the teachable moments to shine through. The use of color in this move highlights the narrative like a mood ring and makes this story that much more appealing.

While the plot is nothing new and there are some points in the film that meander just a bit; “Someone Great” is a flirty, fun, funny, and fresh look at love that 3 women find ultimately in themselves and each other.


Directors: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson

Writer: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson

Starring: Gina Rodriguez, Lakieth Stanfield, Brittany Snow, Dewanda Wise

Run Time: 92 mins

Rating: R


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