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  • Kolby Mac

Welcome to Marwen

Welcome To Marwen is a story of a broken man dealing with trauma in a wildly imaginative way that nails it. I unabashedly played with action figures till the age of 28 and still to this day play out those stories in my head every night before I sleep. Escapism can be amazing therapy and this film depicts an honestly tender and sweet portrayal of a man who is a bit different, hilariously honest, and brutally burdened by an attack that changed his life forever. The ensemble on screen adds delightful notes of depth even if it’s sometimes a little too appeasing to Carell’s character. The score and sound design fits so perfectly too. Leslie Mann is a breath of fresh air as-well. It’s shameful however that Marwen displays super impressive visuals in animation and packs such a powerful performance by Carell himself that this film isn’t getting any love on the awards circuit. I hope those who are looking for an original take on overcoming fear and pain get out to the movies and indulge in a real good time!

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